The Benefits of ROMA Steam

Owning a ROMA Steam Bath provides much more than a luxuriously relaxing steam bath; regular use promotes an overall healthier individual. Take a moment to learn of the many ways a ROMA can serve you in your home.

Healthier Hearts

The heart rate is significantly increased by the heat in the steam, thus increasing circulation and blood flow to the extremeties.

A 10- to 20- minute steam bath session can increase heart rate as much as 75%; the cardiovasclar equivalent of moderate to vigorous walking. Steam relaxes the muscles and can also stimulate the release of endorphins, our body's natural pain relievers.

Natural Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction is an important benefit of steam bathing. In today’s stress filled society nothing relaxes the body quite like steam. A few minutes in the evening before bed and followed by a warm shower prepares oneself for a restful night’s sleep. In the morning, a 10 minute steam bath, followed by a cool shower invigorates the body and jump-starts the brain for a brisk start to a new day.

Natural Sinus Relief

Many steam bath users have discovered the significant improvements to their sinuses. The introduction of rich moisture to the nasal passages aids in the reduction of nasal related conditions i.e.…Hay fever, Sinusitis, allergies, etc.

Healthier Skin

Nothing gives your body that feeling of glowing tranquility so deeply and naturally as a Roma Steam Bath. The soothing warmth and moisture of steam revitalizes the skin and cleanses the pores of the impurities found beneath the surface.

In-Home Beauty Spa

Enjoyed as is, steam penetrates, cleanses, and moisturizes the skin. Incorporate mud packs, oil treatments, salt rubs, or fragrance, and your ROMA steam bath transforms into a beauty spa.The ROMA steam bath is equipped to dispense the many recommended fragrances used in today's aromatherapy. For many, aromatherapy has become a popular alternative form of treatment for certain illnesses and ailments.

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