Interested in learning more about owning a ROMA Steam Bath? Browse our F.A.Q. section for answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you dont find the answer you are looking for on our site, or in this section, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

  • Why should I choose to buy Roma?
    Roma has been the trusted industry leader for over 40 years. Our product, having been time tested, has proven to be "second to none" in performance and dependability. Roma has many features not found on competitors steam equipment.
  • Is A Special Room Required?
    No, your existing shower will double as a steam room with minimal modifications.
  • What If I Have Hard Water?
    No problem. The Roma Steam Bath comes equipped with an automatic back-flush system. At the completion of each cycle the Roma Steam Bath will automatically purge the system of the corrosive minerals burned out of the water during the operation.
  • Can I Install The Equipment Myself?
    No. Roma recommends the use of licensed contractors for the installation of our product. This would include a Plumber and Electrician.
  • What are the Electrical Requirements?
    220 Volt electrical power is needed to operate a Roma Steam Generator. Similar power supplies are used for other appliances in the home such as a clothes dryer, electrical stove, etc.
  • Where Can I Purchase A Roma Steam Bath?
    Roma Steam Baths are available through plumbing wholesale distributors and finer kitchen and bath showrooms throughout the United States and abroad.
  • What size Roma for my shower?
    Please refer to the sizing format in the "Pricing" section.
  • What’s the Warranty Of A Roma Steam Bath?
    We have a 10 year limited warranty. Roma uses only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship in the construction of our equipment. This affords Roma the ability to offer the strongest warranty in the steam industry.

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